Tricky Bounce

Tricky Bounce


Tricky Bounce is a one-tap challenge that's hard to stop playing once you start.

It’s a tricky blend between fast-reaction gameplay and perfect timing.

The rules are simple:

Tap to bounce and avoid mines and other dangers.

Bounce as far as possible and take advantage of the 3 ways to score.

Rack up points faster to unlock new characters and challenge your friends.



• Collect Diamonds (+2)

• Near Miss the Mines (+1)

• Break Green Lines (+1)



• Multiple Characters to Unlock 

• Game Center Integration

• Simple One-Touch Controls 

• Fun Upbeat Music & Sound FX

• Free to Play


Test your skills, and try your patience!

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Good luck & thanks for playing.


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Bounce 😜
This game is very tricky and almost impossible sometimes, but extremely fun and addicting.
by AndyZero3