Stubby Ninjas



The BEST Ninja matching game ever!

The game is super easy to play, simply tap groups of two or more Stubby Ninjas of the same color to remove them, clear the board to advance to the next level! 

The more Ninjas you pop in a single move, the higher your score and the further you can progress in the game. 

*** WARNING: This game can be very addictive!!! ***

Your ninja popping skills will be tested

with this challenging and insanely fun puzzle game!


- Simple and fun one-touch gameplay
- 5 different modes! 
- Enjoy amazing graphics and sound
- Leaderboards
- Hours of fun!

Download it today and start popping some ninjas! 

Good luck & thanks for playing.



Awesome!! ★★★★★
I love your version of this game! The ninjas are sooo cute!! This is a really fun game.. I play it all the time!
— B... :)

Pop the Ninjas! ★★★★★
I love this game, especially when you touch and hold the ninjas and they stick their tongues out.
Also the ADVANCED mode where you get some power ups to help clear the levels.
— AndyZero3

Extremely Fun ★★★★★
One of the most fun games on the App Store. Can’t believe it’s free! I play it all the time :)
— Jakobyona