Master Panda



Help the Panda finish his training on the obstacle course and fulfill his destiny to become MASTER PANDA

The game will push your skills to the limit as you jump your way through the platforms

to avoid dangerous spikes, snakes, and other obstacles.

Be quick, stay focused and prepare for a near impossible challenge in this fast and addictive 4 track action platformer!

Collect the gems for extra points, get the power-ups for a temporary RAGE mode that shoots ninja stars and destroys all objects in your way.

Run longer. Jump Faster. Don’t Stumble. If none of those work: TRY AGAIN!


Key Features:

• Unique and original

• Requires skill & timing

• Simple one-touch gameplay

• Addictive quick-fix casual game

• Achievements

• Social media Share


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"Master Panda is a unique and original new game for iOS devices" 

- Colleen Regan  -

This game is soo entertaining! I absolutely love it!! The panda is so cute and the graphics are awesome 😍
— B... :)