2048 Rack it up!



A fun and challenging puzzle game that is very simple to play. 
Just swipe the tiles to merge matching numbers and rack it up to reach the 2048 tile to win!

How to Play:
• Swipe in any direction to move all tiles.
• Merge the same numbers into one.
• Rack it up and reach the 2048 tile to win!
• It’s over when the board fills up and there are no more moves.
• Share your high score with friends.



Fun ★★★★★
It is a great interpretation of the game 2048. I love the color scheme and it flows very well.
If I could, I would give it a thousand thumbs up! I can’t wait to share it with my friends!
— B.

Cool ★★★★★
Fun and easy to play. Love it!
— McBrz

Excellent App!! ★★★★★
Wow, thumbs up to the creator for this version! Wonderful job!
The colors look great & it’s a great app!!! (Much better than the original even!)
— G.

Great fun app... ★★★★★
Very addicting app that will keep you hooked for hours. A must have app.
— Binho81